Graduation Day!


Today is a BIG day! The ‘girls’ have graduated from our bathtub to their new chicken abode. They are both excited and nervous. I guess I am too! Mamie, Dolly, Jackie-O, Bess, Harriet, and Priscilla (yes, they are named after past president’s wives) are now full-fledged chickens, scratching in the grass and straw, roosting on their posts, and attempting to bwack and cluck like the dainty young ladies that they are. Okay, well maybe not so dainty, but they do attempt to strut around like sassy girl chickens showing off their new feathers.

The weather here in East Cornfield, Indiana has finally presented us with beautiful blue skies and warm, breezy days allowing us to get our gardens planted and some of my herbs potted. I was beginning to get concerned as the cold, wet forecasts were relentless, but the old-timers around here explained to me that it’s not unusual to plant your vegetables on Memorial Day. Sure enough, I will be planting the rest of my seed starts this week end and setting tomatoes out to harden off. Happy Memorial Day!

We have also been keeping an eye on a nest that a pair of robins built under the eaves of our side-porch roof. Both of the robins have been diligently taking turns sitting on the nest or feeding the babies scrounged worms and mealy bugs. Just this morning, the baby robins were big enough for us to take pictures of them poking their fuzzy little heads out with beaks wide open. We have been trying to be cautious while coming and going, as this is our main entry area, but it has been enjoyable listening to their peeps and watching the parents.

It sure feels good to get outside and work the farm after a long, tedious winter and wet, cold spring. Like my grandma True used to say, “blow the stink off” and that’s just what it feels like to me. The windows and doors are all thrown open, the porches cleaned off and lawn furniture brought out of storage, and work gloves and garden clogs are always at the ready as our growing season has finally blessed us.

Here’s hoping that everybody has a Whimsical Moon day!  BWACK!!





One thought on “Graduation Day!

  1. Hi Terri and all. Its good to be able to get outside again. I have gotten a few things planted,but were going to Crow Butte tomorrow morning, so I will probably put in a few more plants when we get back in a week. It is always good hear things are moving along and the farm is growing, as I know how much you enjoy that. Love to you all Mom and Dad.


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