Still Clucking Along


It has been a few weeks since I have had an opportunity to sit down and write a new blog post, but Whimsical Moon Herb Farm is still clucking along.

The weather has been petulant and cranky in Central Indiana which has set our gardening endeavors behind schedule but I can still find signs that the season is moving forward.  The girls have grown considerably with their feathers coming in and their peeps becoming clucks. We picked up their new Coop-acabana from Tractor Supply last week and will be building their new home soon. They should be ready to move into their new digs about the time we have it ready for them.

The rangy kittens have become chaotic cats and keep a close eye on the weather as well. All four of them sit at the windows watching the wind and rain blow by, waiting for that moment they can prowl the farm and hang out in the barn.

The tulips and dandelions have mostly finished blooming and the California poppies and trillium are getting ready to flourish. My room-mate Mindy recently discovered wild trillium, also called wake robin, growing throughout the woods where she has been hunting for her prized morel mushrooms. We discovered trillium was a valuable healing herb for the native people in this area and I plan on creating an entire blog about this versatile and interesting medicinal in a future post.

In between stormy weather and tornado warnings, we have been able to at least get our garden area turned over and plan on planting as soon as the temperatures warm up once again. Tomato, pepper, and cantaloupe starts are ready to be hardened off in the cold frame and we plan on planting corn, beans, peas, squash, and salad greens just as soon as the sun shines warm on us again. All of the herb starts, including sage, thyme, chamomile, peppermint, and slow growing rosemary will have to wait for even warmer temperatures and will probably be hanging out in our tiny greenhouse for several more weeks.

Hope all of you are having a whimsical moon spring and green blessings to each and everyone of you!








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