Morning on Whimsical Moon Farm


Now that Spring has finally claimed her season here in Central Indiana, morning has taken on a whole new vigor. “Lets make hay while the sun shines” is certainly fitting around these parts as the nearby farmers have their tractors revving at the crack of dawn tilling, fertilizing and, prepping the soil for corn and soybean. The farmers are about two weeks behind schedule so their activity has taken on a frantic pace. They will work well past sunset, their huge headlights on top of their tractors taking on an alien spaceship appearance. I half expect to wake up the next morning and see crop circles in the fields.

My morning always begins very early with the half-grown cats bounding from floor to chair to coffee table, taunting the St. Bernard while swiping at one or both of the Chihuahuas. It is feeding time on the farm.

A quick shake of the catfood bag, and all four cats come galloping into the laundry room, sliding to a halt in front of their food dishes. Then I check on the chicks scratching away on the floor of their make-shift brooder, refilling their chick feed and refreshing their water dispenser.

Mosey, the St. Bernard, herds me into the kitchen while the Chihuahuas dance between his legs and I get them fed and watered. Tossing a small handful of reptile sticks into the turtle tank, I get Kayla up for breakfast. She usually requests fruit smoothies, but this morning we decide on scrambled eggs with sauteed vegetables.

My chore list today consists of lighting our huge burn pile, clearing out more renegade mulberry saplings, picking up the last of fallen locust tree limbs from the last wind storm, and mulching the flower bed. I’m itching to get the garden area tilled, but I should probably wait at least another day or two for the soil to dry out. Our little front tine rototiller doesn’t chew through the dirt like Farmer Matt’s International tractor.

Besides the regular household chores, I check on the tomato and pepper seedlings under the grow light and determine they need more growing time before moving them to the cold frame to harden off. I get some sourdough bread rising on the stove top and take a gander out the kitchen window to see which birds are coming to the feeder. This mornig we have our male red-bellied woodpecker, several red-wing blackbirds, five goldfinches, a couple of nuthatch regulars, an unexpected blue jay, and a pair of cardinals, the male a vibrant red. We have a pair of turkey vultures nesting in our rustic old barn, but I don’t see them floating above the farm this morning. My roommate, Mindy notices a small bunny hopping across the back yard near the wood lot. Its tiny ears poking up out of the grass.

Mindy begins getting ready for work and I realize lunch is just around the corner.

It’s been a full and productive morning on the farm. The growing season is upon us and we can expect many more busy and hectic mornings to come.

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