We have chickens! We brought home six baby chicks Saturday. Three Buff Orpingtons and three Ameraucanas.

I set up their brooder in a plastic tote tub with fresh shavings, chick feed, and a watering dispenser with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to help alleviate the possibility of disease.

I have a heat lamp hanging over them to keep their temperature around 80-90 degrees. We set their brooder inside our bathtub/shower to protect them from the rangy farm kittens that have grown into rangy farm beasts.

Mosey, our St. Bernard has taken it upon himself to stand guard and protect them as they cheep-cheep and forage around their tub.

In about five or six weeks they will be moving out into their Coopacabana  and should begin laying their eggs around five months.

Mornings begin early here on the farm and now we wake up to the chipper cheeping of the chicks. (I worked hard on that one!)

I hope y’all are having an egg-cellent, whimsical day!



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