Greeting the Dawn

This morning greeted me with a lovely sunrise cresting above the neighbor’s farm. The past few days have been drippy and dreary, so it was a delightful surprise watching the vibrant colors as I sat on my front porch sipping my hot orange-spiced tea. An aromatic Apple-Fritter Bread Pudding was baking in the oven, and I could smell the sweet spices wafting through the screen door. What a lovely way to begin another day on the farm.

I was able to get my  flower bed dug recently and planted with flouncy peonies, delicate bleeding hearts, and several day-lilies that survived the move last year from Virginia.  I intend on adding sunflowers, hollyhocks, and lavenders as the season progresses.

I hope to get the main garden turned over before the alien chives take possession. Late last summer I had planted a buckwheat cover crop to break up the sod and enrich the soil but in the process ended up with wild chives taking over the garden. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of this growing season heavily mulching around the vegetables in hope of suppressing this crazy chive action.

As the first day of Spring draws closer, I find myself spending a lot of my  time outdoors enjoying the fresh air and walking the property planning where I will be digging up herb beds and establishing more vegetable growing space. I remember I still need to clear the area where the future chicken coop will be standing and I really need to get the compost pile turned over and add more brown plant material to help it wake up.

For the time being, sitting on the porch watching the sun rise is a great way to hang out with Mother Earth.





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