Crazy Cat Lady Alert!

It’s official! I have joined the ranks of the ‘crazy cat ladies’. It all began just a few short weeks ago with a handful of kittens we found in our shed. Tiny, cuddly, sweet, purring little kittens.

NOW….they have taken over the house! Not-so-tiny, cuddly, sweet, purring terrorists. Did I mention that they purr when they attack our feet? Our toilet paper? Our St. Bernard? All of our dogs just want to say, “please, send help.”

Nothing is sacred. Nothing is beyond the reach of these sweet, purring, destructive, rangy beasts. RANGY!

My futon is no longer my sacred space. You can now find me napping with two chihuahuas, four cats, and me, clutching my pillow as I am hemmed in on all sides. If I should dare roll over, the wave of kittens only shifts with the flow, while I seek for a place to put my feet.

I am pleased to announce, though, that the kittens have been earning their keep. What I thought was a catnip mouse being tossed around by Sweetums, upon closer inspection was actually a “live” dead mouse. As in, not a catnip toy. After getting over my initial horror, I felt a sense of pride that our little Sweetums was growing up to be a big boy cat.

Our girls, the puffy princess, aka Whimsy, and the tortoiseshell twins Pookie and Bella Boo, have also followed in the paw steps of their brother and are blossoming into serious mischief contenders.

I can now honestly appreciate the title of “crazy cat lady”. It’s not the lady, necessarily, who is crazy. Just let me put this up for debate: those cats are absolutely nuts! For instance: they prowl through my houseplants like they are in the jungle; they climb my furniture like it’s a jungle gym; they have WWE kitten smack-down on my living room rug; they confiscate all of my favorite writing pens; AND they pounce on my toes when I am sound asleep. I rest my case!

However, they have romped and cavorted into my heart with their little purrs and cuddles and have become an essential part of Whimsical Moon Kitten (Herb) Farm.






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