Growing A Farm

Yet another snow storm today. The temperatures are still way below freezing,the sky is bleak, the trees are bare, and the ground is hard. A perfect day to gather my notes and garden sketches, a hot cup of orange spice tea, and consider my Mission Statement for Whimsical Moon Herb Farm.

It is important to create a Mission Statement for your business to provide a road map for your dream and a clear vision of just exactly what your intentions are for your business.

As a cottage herbalist and an herbal soap goddess (:D), embracing plant medicine and an earth centered lifestyle is integral to my purpose and the farm.

The Mission of Whimsical Moon Herb Farm: to create an abundant and prosperous herb farm using sustainable, earth-centered techniques, and living in accordance with the seasons while having a deep connection with Divine, the plants and their allies, and the animals who will be sharing the land with us.

We embrace sustainability, ecology, and service to our community and to Mother Earth. We intend on supporting ourselves by marketing our vegetables; creating natural, hand-made, small batch herbal soaps, body scrubs, balms, and dream pillows; as well as creating (in the works) an on-line and on-farm herbal apprenticeship and an earth-centered herbal school.


Our neighbors down yonder way.

The farm will  provide most of our fresh vegetables and herbs, and we will be getting chickens this spring and raise them for their wonderful eggs and eventually dairy goats for their milk.

I have come to realize that the way we think, act, and perceive the world is a reflection of the world we wish to inhabit. This farm is my expression of myself: a tree-hugging, Lola Granola, Birkie wearing, eco-bunny, herbal goddess with my sights set on abundance, sustainability, creativity, and connection to Divine.

As Lynn Andrews said, “There is no greater power in the world than the power of living your own truth.”


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