Back yard shenanigans.

Back yard shenanigans.

Our friendly neighborhood squirrel parked under the bird feeders enjoying the banquet of seeds and dried corn.

Mornings are a bit cooler these days and the leaves are beginning to turn. Pinecones drop at the slightest whisper of a breeze and birds are coming to the feeders in flocks now, preparing for the journey to their winter homes.

I spent some time cleaning out the raised garden beds today, getting them ready for late vegetable planting. I’m thinking maybe some garlic for next spring, carrots, spinach, kale, arugula, and a row or two of snap peas.

I think Autumn is my favorite season in the cycle. Looking forward to building a new scare crow to replace the weathered, raggedy one leaning forlorn against the fence. Crisp apple cider, warm vegetable soups, and fresh baked bread…fall is tasty.

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