It’s a Whimsical Moon day!

So much to do, where to begin? A sunny day with those hazy clouds rolling off the coast. The raised beds are beckoning me, “come weed us, please.”  Rosemary and peppermint bunches are hanging to dry in the kitchen, Echinacea tincture is ready to be  strained and bottled, and the cilantro seeds are ready to be harvested.  

But, here I sit, creating a new blog. I am excited to share my gardening, creativity, and simple living in tune with the seasons. I look over at my shelves lined with bottles, jars, and baskets full of dried herbs, tinctures, herbal soaps, and teas and feel a sense of calm and gratitude. I love working in my gardens, creating herbal goodies, and writing about the journey.

A downy woodpecker is pecking at the suet. A handful of house finches and chickadees are at the feeder. The morning is getting hotter and a warm breeze is stirring the wind chimes. The day is unfurling before me, must be time to get busy.

I look forward to returning often to this blog and sharing the whimsy.